Since 2011 teacher of contemporary dance at the TU (Technical University of Berlin), Berlin. Germany.
Since 2008 teacher of contemporary dance at the FU (Free University of Berlin), Berlin. Germany.
2002 - 2004 teacher Contemporary Dance / Tango Argentino in the "Universidad Popular de Belgrano", Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Contemporary dance course – January / February 2014 – Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre DUCTAC

Timing: Saturdays 5.30PM – 7PM
Age: 16+ years
Cost: 400AED
Duration: 4 weeks (4 x 1.5 hour sessions. Bring comfortable sport clothes. Students will dance without shoes)
Tutor: Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese (A+B TANZBAU)

Course commences January 11th in the Voltas dance studio and is suitable for all levels of skill.

Enrolment: on-going – students can join at any time.

To register call 043414777 or email box.office@ductac.org

More Information here: http://www.ductac.org/courses_dance.php // http://www.ductac.org/

Workshop Contemporary Dance – CAPELLA CLUB – Dubai

By Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese

Workshop for all dance levels!!

Open your body, be perceptive and prepared to move into space. Dive into a new body language and explore with the Argentinean dancer and choreographer Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese the latest principals and movements of contemporary dance.

Scheduled for:
12th October - 19th October
14:00 - 15:30 hs.
1 1/2 hours for 50AED

CAPELLA CLUB Silverene Tower | Dubai Marina | PO Box 940400 | UAE
by Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese
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