Dance / dance creation in co-operation


  • Premiere Production “Verträumt” – Konzerthaus Berlin.


  • Premiere Dance Production “Voltage/Zero – Dance Company Rubato. Uferstudios Berlin.


  • Premiere Dance Production “Uncertain State” – Dance Company Rubato. Uferstudios Berlin.


  • Dance production “Die Ausnahme, Episode III”- Premiere December (A+B TANZBAU) Theater Ballhaus Naunynstraße Berlin.


  • Reopening October – dance production “RechtsRadikal”,  directed by Christoph Winkler.
    Incl. international tour in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Premiere May – Dance production “RechtsRadikal”,  directed by Christoph Winkler. Theater Sophiensaele, Berlin.


  • Reopening December – Dance Production “Milk & Bread / Rice & Water” – Dance Company Rubato.
    Incl. international tour in China (Shanghai and Peking).
  • Reopening November – Dance Production “Milk & Bread / Rice & Water” – Dance Company Rubato. Theater Eden *****, Berlin. Germany.
  • Dance film “Verloren in Dolores” Director Erik Grun. Premier November 2012 at the Regensburg Tanztage, Regensburg. Germany.
  • Reopening “Milchstraße”. Directed by Clébio Oliveira. Theater T-Werk Potsdam ( Festival “Stadt für eine Nacht”). Berlin, Germany.
  • Reopening “Milchstraße”. Directed by Clébio Oliveira. Theater Dock 11 Prenzlauer Berg and T-Werk Potsdam (Stadt für eine Nacht). Berlin, Germany.


  • Premiere September – Dance Production “Milk & Bread / Rice & Water”Dance Company Rubato Eden *****, Berlin. Germany.
  • Dance Production “Milchstraße”, directed by Clébio Oliveira. Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin. Germany.

2007 – 2010     

Member of the company Cia. Toula Limnaios (contemporary dance). Development of eight dance pieces,

  • Life is perfect     (2007)
  • Simply Gifts        (2007)
  • Reading Tosca   (2008)
  • The silencers      (2008)
  • Les possédés     (2009)
  • Wound                (2009)
  • à contre corps     (2010)
  • Secrets perdus    (2010)
Incl. international tours. Berlin, Germany
National and international tours: Frankfurt am Main, Münster, Bremen, Nürnberg, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Senegal (Africa), Spain.


  • Performance with Julio Bocca and the Argentinean Ballet as an invited dancer for the closing event of the season in “Teatro Opera”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2002 – 2006

Member of the company “Tangokinesis” Directed by Ana Maria Stekelman (fusion of contemporary dance and tango Argentino)., Dance Pieces:

  • Tango mon a more ( with the Actress Hanna Schygulla)
  • Bolero
  • Cotillón
  • La Puta y la Ballena – Film direction Luis Puenzo
  • Lentejuelas
  • Opera tango
  • Concierto para Bongó
  • 4 Piazzolas
  • Tangos and Valses
Incl. international tours, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
National and international tours: Argentina (Rosario, Tucuman, Mendoza, San Juan and San Luis), Berlin, Hannover, France, Greece, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Uruguay.

1997 – 2000     

  • Member of the company “El árbol” led by Vilma Rúpolo (dance theater), Mendoza. Argentina.


  • Production of the opera “Orpheus” (Euridice`s solo) directed by the Estefano Poda. Mendoza, Argentina

1996 – 2000

Member of the Ballet “Universidad Nacional de Cuyo” under the direction of Héctor Genoveva Sages and Cavallini (Classical Ballet). Mendoza. Argentina. Dance pieces:

  • Cármen
  • Quixote
  • Blue Bird
  • Giselle
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Nutcracker
  • Raymonda

1995 – 2001  

Mendoza Wine Festival in Centra, Capital, Godoy Cruz, Guaymallen and Lavalle (solo dancer & choreographer assistant). Mendoza, Argentina.